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“I would create a group show featuring marginalised artists who need a platform to express themselves freely

Hatti Rees

Age - 27
 London, United Kingdom
Hatti Rees
“I would create a group show featuring marginalised artists who need a platform to express themselves freely

You might be familiar with the many faces of Hatti Rees, the shapeshifting make-up artist who effortlessly transforms themself into an otherworldly array of characters and creatures on Instagram. From an alien-like doll with sharpened teeth and robotic eyes to a zombie with a realistic looking bullethole in the middle of her forehead, Rees reinvents themself time and time again, with each look becoming more extreme and unrecognisable than the next.

To write them off solely as an Instagram make-up artist, however, would be a mistake. Rees stands for being themself unapologetically and conforming to no-one’s ideals. “People think I’m trying to defy conventional beauty but I think it’s not that,” they explain. “I want to challenge the way people perceive womxn, art, environmental issues, politics, identity, the queer community and mental health.”

Rees’s unique artistry and perspective has not gone unnoticed and they have been tapped by everyone from Marc Jacobs to Charli XCX and Kim Petras. Following their graduation from Central Saint Martins Womenswear course last June, Rees is currently working on an exhibition in the Netherlands at the Stedelijk Museum as well as creating an album of music with accompanying a self-directed video.

When it comes to your work, what are you most proud of?

Hatti Rees: I don’t feel proud of my work at all, I think there’s so much room for improvement and I can always push harder. I’m aiming to become a more truthful, vulnerable, and powerful voice! I want to empower marginalised womxn, people on mental health journeys and people struggling to express themselves. I’m not doing enough right now, let’s push more! I do get teary when I receive messages from young queer/non-binary/womxn which reminds me of my purpose. I’ve also been interviewed for some dissertations and have been lecturing about identity and make-up/narratives at some universities which also makes me quite teary too.

What issues or causes are you passionate about and why?

Hatti Rees: I’m really passionate about encouraging communication through self-expression. I struggled with severe depression (and other things) most of my adult life. Expressing myself through art has saved me. I think about death a lot and often tread this boundary with my mental health.

Environmental awareness is also critical for me. I am vegan and try to make as many conscious decisions as possible. It’s super important to consistently share information about environmental issues, I recently did a series about how the world will end. There are many theories but I of course believe mankind will be the determining catalyst. It’s scary that the government and most people are just pretending nothing’s happening, when we are in a climate emergency! People negate responsibility for their actions and don’t want to be told this either – especially in fashion, people live with a throw-away attitude and selfishly.

What creative or philanthropic project would you work on with a grant from the Dazed 100 Ideas Fund? 

Hatti Rees: With the grant, I would like to create a solo show in London and feature marginalised artists who need a platform. I have had conversations with a bunch of people who feel like their work doesn’t belong on a runway or on Instagram. And people who are fatigued by their work being judged by corporate bodies who tell them it’s not good enough. I know people are hungry for an opportunity like this and I would love to make this happen. People can express themselves freely and uncensored, people who aren’t necessarily Instagram PR type people. It would be cool to create a space for different types of artists to exhibit outside the world of Instagram. It’s also a dream of mine to create an alternative, ethical makeup-line or product! 

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