WafflesNCreamPhotography Tyrone Bradley

The Nigerian skate crew are building the first skate park in West Africa

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LocationLagos, Nigeria

    You probably don’t associate Nigeria with skater boys, and to be honest, Lagosian skaters have the odds stacked against them. The roads are chaotically packed, not just with traffic but with snack salesmen weaving in between the cars to entice hungry drivers. Potholes, grooves, and narrow pavements make it a treacherous place to shred.

    Yet, skate culture is alive and thriving thanks to the magnetism of WAFFLESNCREAM, a skate crew-slash-streetwear brand that has made boarding its vocation. “People from all over the world want to come see for themselves what we have established, they want to be a part of it,” the collective explain.

    And they’ve provided covetable gear that you can spot being worn by alternative scene kids in Lagos. They sell their own boards, patterned wheels, and bolts alongside bright checkered bucket hats, uncle shirts, t-shirts (some of which are made in collaboration with Patta, a Holland-based streetwear brand), and traditional Ankara print baggy trousers.

    Up to now, they’ve made a skate film entitled Jide, showcased their wares at BBK’s Homecoming festival, built their own quarter pipe ramp, and set up a skate shop on Lagos’ trendy Victoria Island. Now, they’re gearing up for another project: building the first skate park in West Africa. “We’re proud of the fact that society is beginning to accept us and the youth are now more active and confident. Everybody wants to skate.”  

    Kemi Alemoru