Catty Taylor
Catty TaylorPhotography Kaj Jefferies

Cattytay is the artist creating digital fashion bootlegs

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LocationLondon, United Kingdom

    Digital designer Cattytay actually studied textile design at Chelsea College of Art. There, her lecturers dissuaded her from pursuing less conventional methods of design – but thankfully, she didn’t listen, ignoring the naysayers to teach herself 3D animation. “I’m inspired by the intricacies within fabrics, the movement of garments and how these can be absorbed and reinvented by the digital world,” she says. “I’m inspired by new technologies, and finding new creation methods.”

    Scrolling through her IG feed, you’ll see digitalised bootlegs of looks by Vetements, Gucci, and Off-White, often model-less and moving on their own accord. Since graduating, she’s caught the attention of Nike and Sportsbanger, working on projects that have seen her create in-store installations and animated garments and accessories respectively. 

    In addition to her design work, Taylor is also the founder of Digi-Gal – a community of women and non-binary digital designers in what remains a male-dominated industry. She was recently awarded a Dazed x Design District studio space, which will act as the collective’s official HQ, allowing the artist to host workshops, talks, and continue to grow the community she has cultivated.

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