Jason’s Closet

Jason’s Closet


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Miss JasonPhotography Roxy Lee

Miss Jason is the creator and face of YouTube show Jason’s Closet – and the shady, OTT fashion reporter we deserve

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LocationLondon, United Kingdom

    Fashion TV gets a 2019 upgrade in the form of Jason’s Closet – the Wendy Williams-inspired YouTube show presented by Miss Jason.

    Armed with a mic and followed by a camera backstage at Fashion East or London club nights like Chapter 10 and PDA, Miss Jason stops unsuspecting passersby and gets them to show off their outfits H2T (head-to-toe) while offering her own witty musings on each look. With shade-filled comments and clever editing, the final result will have you laughing out loud with every episode.

    “I’m so proud of the acceptance that my very queer, hyper-feminine, absolutely FAB show is receiving from all audiences no matter colour, culture, or creed,” the host says. “I’ve learnt through filming at different scenes that we’re all the same perfect amount of bonkers who have an urge to express our individuality.”

    This year, Miss Jason will launch the second series of the show, so start planning those lewks for your own H2T now.

    Dominic Cadogan