King Princess

King Princess


King Princess Dazed 100 portrait
King Princess

The singer is what happens if you marry Prince-level sex appeal with Big Dyke Energy

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LocationLos Angeles, United States

    Not many people could get away with naming a track “Pussy is God”, but with an impressive muscle tank collection, an unabashedly weird IG presence, and a knack for seductive, sapphic lyrics, King Princess is definitely one of them. A kind of millennial stoner k.d. lang with legions of fans lining up to call her Daddy, the Brooklyn-born singer is basically what happens if you marry Prince-level sex appeal with Big Dyke Energy.

    Her first single – “1950”, a tribute to forbidden queer love and a Patricia Highsmith novel – was released in February last year, and cosigned on Twitter by Harry Styles shortly after. It was followed by an EP in June (and some SoundCloud remixes featuring everything from Samatha from Sex and the City to the infamous Cock Destroyers), but a full length is on the way.

    “She’s ready to emerge!” she says of her debut, set to drop later this year, and to explore the themes close to her own life. “My dream is that this record in some way provokes a dialogue about gender and sexuality, but in a way where you’re authentically fucking with the music and feel excited to explore its content.”

    Emma Hope Allwood