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Omar Apollo


Omar Apollo
Omar ApolloPhotography Aidan Cullen

The Mexican-American singer is crafting his own unique soundscape

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LocationLos Angeles, United States

    Singer-songwriter Omar Apollo stands defiantly tall against the odds. The son of Mexican immigrants raised in a very small, very white town in Indiana, he’s spoken about facing racism from both classmates and teachers growing up. Apollo’s parents moved to the States to provide a better life for their kids, and it’s partly for this reason that he’s so determined to succeed: “I’m most proud of the fact that I can help my family,” he says. “They worked so hard for me to be able to make music, it’s only right I help them so they don’t have to work anymore.”

    When it comes to the music, his songs luxuriate in romance and dreams and goofiness. With crooning vocals and mesmerising guitars that channel soul, funk, pop, and bossa nova, his sound is resolutely his own; perhaps growing up in the Midwest, away from career-minded industry hubs like NYC or LA, allowed him to find his own path – and take himself a little less seriously.

    There is a sweet, abundant joy to Apollo’s sound. With his Friends EP currently out, and US and EU tours scheduled for early summer, the time to get to know him is now.

    Tara Joshi