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SalviaCourtesy of Salvia

The Wales-born, London-based creative has already been tapped to work with designer Rick Owens

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LocationLondon, United Kingdom
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Enter the world created by make-up and performance artist Salvia and prepare to be transported to extraterrestrial heights. Her avant-garde beauty looks – a mix of prosthetics, SFX, and photoshop – see her transformed into otherworldly creatures with elongated, spiked limbs, or giving birth to alien babies.

Salvia was most recently enlisted by designer Rick Owens to consult on the make-up for his AW19 show in Paris – a world away from a small town in rural Wales where she grew up. There, she sent an army of models created in her own image marching down the runway – giving them horns and tubes which protruded from their noses.

“My inspiration and drive come from my need to create,” she explains. “Not being able to bring my ideas to life causes me distress and discomfort – creating brings indescribable pleasure.”

Now that she’s got the Owens seal of approval, what can we expect next from the artist? “I hope to expand my ideas and world into different areas and mediums,” she says on wanting to bring her creations from URL to IRL.

Dominic Cadogan