Joshua Woods

Joshua Woods


Joshua Woods
Joshua WoodsIke Edeani

The Harlem-born photographer shoots people with stories to tell

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LocationNew York, United States

    Whether shooting cellist and singer Kelsey Lu, underground icon Ian Isiah, or the magnetic Michele Lamy, photographer Joshua Woods gravitates towards people with stories to tell. The Dazed contributor got into photography after growing tired of the 9-5 grind – a friend with a camera showed him the ropes, and the day job had to go. But while his career has taken him all over the world, as a product of the multicultural neighborhood of Harlem, he's not one to forget his early New York beginnings.

    “I try to stay grounded as much as possible and stay connected to my roots, connected to my culture,” Woods says. “But New Yorkers are like chameleons, you can blend in wherever you go.”

    Next up, Woods’s work is being exhibited as part of Ben Broome’s next Drawing A Blank show in London, then there’s a planned trip to Senegal to work on a film – where he previously produced a documentary series for the New Yorker. “I'm working on my first book this year and directing a couple of short films,” he says. “I’m also looking forward to the next version of myself – I'm never not growing or learning.”

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