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This make-up artist takes ‘full face’ to the next level

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LocationNew York, United States
  • selected by Dazed Beauty

Not-yet-20-year-old make-up artist Cupid has taken the “full face” to the next level. He covers his skin with ornate decorations; anything from fresh flowers and pearls to oversized insects and chains. Taking inspiration from his ancestors and nature, Cupid’s ethereal, whimsical aesthetic is complemented and contrasted by heavier, darker video-game visuals which come together in his surreal self-portraits that are both beautiful and disturbing.

Moving last year “from Washington to New York with nothing but a single duffle bag and less than $50 to (his) name” Cupid had to hustle, soon finding work as a freelance make-up artist. He also presented his debut fashion collection, Divine Militia, at Heavy Set Studio and has since released two sell-out collections through Depop. More recently, he’s delved into the world of music, teaching himself production and releasing a few songs on Soundcloud – experimental electronic sounds with heavy beats and distorted vocals – which he has since begun to perform around NYC.

With an upcoming limited edition accessories line, more music in the pipeline and planned collaborations, this creative has an exciting 12 months ahead of him. For now, Cupid is focusing on other canvases than his own body, turning his attention to installations and performance art. “There were a lot of times where I felt, and still often feel, lost and completely out of touch with the world,” he explains, “but there’s no other way I can communicate myself than through my work.”

Alex Peters