Joyce Ng

Joyce Ng


Joyce Ng
Joyce NgPhotography Makram Bitar

With a visual language shaped by her Hong Kong birthplace, the London-based photographer’s playful surrealism is shaking up the traditionally western world of fashion photography

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LocationLondon, United Kingdom

    2019 is off to a great start for photographer Joyce Ng. Together with her best friend, past Dazed 100 alum and fellow Dazed contributor Hanna Moon, she showcased her work as part of English As A Second Language, an exhibition at Somerset House that was a monumental moment of recognition for two young Asian photographers. The focus of the exhibition – how they navigate their experiences as Asian creatives in a predominantly western and eurocentric industry like fashion – filters naturally as an undercurrent through Ng’s work, but it isn’t all that defines it.

    Instead, Ng is able to both pay homage to the culture she comes from, while creating images that appeal beyond those borders through their playful surrealism and strong sense of narrative. Granted, in projects like “Once In A Lifetime”, documenting the Yao women – IRL fairy tale long-haired heroines – her Chinese heritage is foregrounded, but Ng just as easily applies this process to shooting lookbooks for Super Yaya, or fashion stories for Dazed.

    Her perspective is uniquely shaped by the saturation of images her Hong Kong home provided. Still inspired by its proliferation of “good and bad ads”, and a habit of observing strangers which forms her visual language, NG hopes to extend this by exploring more of mainland China this year, as well as manifesting her work in more concrete, everyday mediums like her upcoming charity t-shirt project.  

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