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Goom Heo

Designer Goom Heo draws inspiration from the DGAF attitude of the residents of her native Korea

LocationLondon, United Kingdom

Though Goom Heo has not yet graduated from Central Saint Martins’ legendary MA course, there’s no reason she shouldn’t be on your radar already. Fusing traditional tailoring with sportswear influences, the South Korean designer’s exaggerated silhouettes and unique blend of Eastern and Western motifs saw her take home the L’Oréal Professionnel Young Talent Award for her BA collection in 2017. Featuring looks constructed of layers upon layers (upon layers) of t-shirts, jackets blown to massive proportions, and a plethora of tiny sunglasses, the collection itself was simultaneously clever, humorous and of-the-moment, tapping into the zeitgeist of fashion-as-meme without feeling cynical or try-hard. 

Finding inspiration in the eclectic style of the people of Korea, Heo is currently hard at work putting the finishing touches to her MA offering, while simultaneously planning to exhibit her work in Shanghai this summer. As for the rest of the year, graduation and stepping out onto the fashion landscape looms large, but in what capacity she enters the industry, Heo is still undecided.

Whether with her own label, or as part of an established fashion house, though, one thing is clear: you’re going to be seeing a lot more of her and her work from now on, mark our words.

Emma Elizabeth Davidson