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These fuchsia-wearing pro-choice campaigners are a passionate, vital part of the modern abortion rights movement

LocationLondon, United Kingdom

Harassment outside abortion clinics is a nationwide issue, as people trying to access vital healthcare are forced to cross anti-choice picket lines. On some occasions women have been intimidated and harassed, handed teddy bears, rosary beads, and gorey pro-life leaflets, or verbally abused by strangers shouting ‘mother’ and ‘murderer’. It is, by all means, horrific and intimidating.

Fed up with the obstacles women have to endure to make a choice for their own bodies, Sister Supporter, a passionate pro-choice campaign group founded by Anna Veglio-White, has been peacefully demonstrating against these vigils in Ealing, west London. Wearing bright pink tabards to mark themselves as allies, the group offer protection, safety, and no judgement to those that need it.

Made possible by Sister Supporter’s monumental campaigning across the last two years, the first UK ‘buffer zone’ to ban protests outside abortion clinics was officially implemented by Ealing council this April. Having expanded to Manchester and to continue their cause, Sister Supporter’s next goal is to lobby for national legislation to protect anyone attending clinics in the UK. Over 50 years since the 1967 abortion act, it’s a landmark moment for the modern reproductive rights movement.

Anna Cafolla