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Object Blue

Musician, DJ

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Object Blue Dazed 100
Object BluePhotography Chloe Chia

The Tokyo-born, Beijing-raised London based producer and sound artist is crafting a rousing call-to-arms for the club

LocationLondon, United Kingdom

“I dedicate my first EP to all the women on the dancefloor,” Object Blue asserted this year when she dropped Do You Plan to End a Siege, her debut release. It’s a glowing selection of cohesive, richly textured techno and fizzing experimental club music on which only women speak, a call-to-arms that samples everything from Cardi B to a rousing quote from the mesmeric 2010 film The Portuguese Nun. The producer, sound artist, and DJ’s dark, visceral productions spasm and staccato across a metallic and extraterrestrial soundscape.

Raised in Beijing before transplanting to London, Object Blue is an expert in sound design and is consistently pummeling parties across the capital with her live sets. Off the dancefloor, her Twitter is a spot where she lovingly supports her peers and takes no shit from a dance music community that’s learning slowly how to be more inclusive and self-reflective on what it can do better.

Tapped for an incoming RBMA Choice Mix and recruited onto fellow Dazed 100-er Yaeji’s London debut show at Corsica Studios, Object Blue has gained worthy praise from contemporaries like Machine Woman, Siren collective, and Laurel Halo. With another anticipated EP upcoming on young, adventurous London label Let’s Go Swimming, this year Object Blue will continue pushing her fascinating sound art as a stunning artist proclamation for the club.

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