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Sadie Sink


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Sadie Sink, taken from the autumn/winter 2017 issue of DazedPhotography Pascal Gambarte, styling Ibrahim Kamara

From MADMAX to Miu Miu, this multifaceted Gen Z actress is climbing up the ranks of the acting world and is turning heads in fashion

LocationNew York, United States

Sadie Sink’s radical energy took centre stage in Season 2 of 80s sci-fi hit series Stranger Things, playing the no-nonsense tom-boy Max “MADMAX” Mayfield. When she’s not skateboarding, playing video games, and falling headfirst into the Upside Down, she’s enjoying her new status as a Gen Z powerhouse alongside the likes of her co-star and Dazed 100 alumnus Millie Bobbie Brown, or Storm Reid who is also on our list this year.

She recently stormed the runways at Paris Fashion Week, modelling for Undercover in a show about youth and Americana, and the Hiraeth Collective, the 100 percent vegan line Rooney Mara launched with her friend Sarah Schloat. Given Sink’s own veganism, she was a perfect fit. Late last year, she also became a Miu Miu girl and caught the attention of Nike.

With a background in theatre (having played Annie on Broadway) and an impressive list of credits since the age of 10 there’s no doubt we can expect her to continue making her mark on this industry. Her next gig will be a horror film set to be released in 2019 entitled Eli.

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