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Sistren Dazed 100
SistrenPhotography Shingi Rice

The group of ‘sister-friends’ are on a mission to broadcast hilarious unfiltered chat with the aim to help other women like them

AgesMichelle Tiwo 32, DJ Tiwo 29, Babirye Bukilwa 31
LocationLondon, United Kingdom

Sistren are laser-focused on telling stories relevant to queer black women like them. The trio of sister-friends – made up of Michelle, Babirye, and DJ – started making podcasts in 2015, breathing life into radio with uncensored chat that unpacks issues from fuckboys to bisexuality and taking nudes, all while offering life advice to listeners.

Part of a new generation of women of colour carving out a space for themselves in media, their mission to champion new narratives has made it to TV, with two-thirds of the line up fronting Cecile Emeke’s Ackee & Saltfish in 2016. They’ve even turned their hands to running safe sex, toxic love, and self-empowerment workshops at colleges, hosting parties, and teaching poetry.

After a six-month hiatus, they returned to radio, securing a Radar radio residency in 2017 before boldly pulling the plug on their show after a series of allegations were made against the station’s management. “Radar do NOT represent what we stand for in the slightest,” they announced via Twitter. “Let’s make real magic.”

Thankfully they just kicked off another residency on Transmission Roundhouse radio which led to their first live podcast at Little Simz Wonderland. With plans for more live podcast shows, DJ sets, and a documentary on their work set to premiere soon in NYC, Sistren are leading the way in relatable radio with refreshing frankness and infectious humour.

Kemi Alemoru