Dustin Muchuvitz

Dustin Muchuvitz

Musician, DJ

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Dustin Muchuvitz DJ Dazed 100
Dustin MuchuvitzPhotography Enzo Orlando

The fashion DJ stepped from behind the decks onto the runway, walking for Margiela – this year they’re launching their own party

LocationParis, France

Known for their eclectic, energetic sets which see them drop Italo-disco and techno alongside dark electro and deep cold wave tracks, Parisian DJ Dustin Muchuvitz has been making a name for themselves in the fashion industry in recent years.

Having DJ’d for the likes of Chloé, Dior, Paco Rabanne, and YSL, in 2017 Muchuvitz stepped out from behind their decks and onto the catwalk – but then, with their red velvet hair androgynous features, the transition was less a case of if and more a case of when. First up was an appearance at Neith Nyer, which saw them modelling pieces from the brand’s techno and hardcore-inspired gender-bending SS17 collection, before they hit the runway as part of Margiela’s SS18 show, wearing a deconstructed coat and a pair of the Maison’s iconic Tabis.

As part of a new wave of post-genre musicians freely asserting their identity in every aspect of their sound, this year will see Muchuvitz launch their own party in Paris, which they describe as something weird and unexpected, mixing queer culture and fashion – and it’s likely you’ll soon be seeing them back on a catwalk soon, too.

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