Mia Kerin

Mia Kerin


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Mia Kerin Dazed 100
Mia KerinPhotography Jin and Dana

The NY filmmaker creates surreal short self-portraits

LocationNew York, United States

Mia Kerin forgoes the stagnant world of lookalike, scrollable selfies to capture what she calls comedic self-portraits – surrealist supercuts of sexual trysts, candid bedroom dancing on Instagram that grasps at moments of intimacy and humour our guts-spilling society usually has so little time for. As a filmmaker, she explores the relationship between what is seen and what is known.

Florida born and New York-based, Kerin has worked with human psyche-opening portraitist Richard Kern, as well as otherworldly British photographer Mark Borthwick on ongoing projects. A student in Ithaca, she now has two films in pre-production: one unpacks a girl’s reality on a whole other bizarre level than the drug trips she craves, another chronicles her grandparents’ relationship as they move from the Philippines to New York City, layered with flashbacks and the hint of false memories.

Keen to push the boundaries for what we absorb, what entertains, and makes us think across mediums, Kerin is also the co-editor of new NYC publication Civilization, an indie mag tapping into the multi-sensory stories and feelings of the city. Contributors include author Darcie Wilder and Mushpit’s Bertie Brandes. The young filmmaker, editor, and artist’s forthcoming works will push us to see things very differently than our timelines allow for right now.

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