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The teenager whose stoner R&B beats have featured on Kendrick, Syd, and Tyler songs

LocationCompton, United States

Steve Lacy’s “Dark Red” is a near-perfect song. The woozy 60s pop-style ditty came out last year as part of his debut EP, Steve Lacy’s Demo, and musically falls somewhere between Mac DeMarco and Frank Ocean. Lyrically, Lacy cuts right to the core of an anxious feeling that feels queasily familiar – “something bad is bound to happen to me / I don’t know what, but I feel it coming” – over disconcertingly cheerful guitars.

Even if you haven’t knowingly listened to Steve Lacy’s music before, his hazed-out melodies might feel familiar to you. That’s because he joined LA group The Internet when he was 15, producing with Syd (Tha Kyd) and Matt Martians, working on their seminal, Grammy-nominated 2016 album Ego Death. Not only did he help shape that blissful summer staple record, but he also produced “PRIDE.” for Kendrick Lamar, and featured on the 2017 albums from Syd and Tyler, the Creator.

Lacy’s stoner-pop sound has been creeping up the ranks of the hip-hop and R&B elite for some time now – the stage is set for him to emerge as one its most important songwriters in 2018.

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