Jonathan De Francesco

Jonathan De Francesco

Hair Stylist

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Jonathan De Francesco Dazed 100
Jonathan De FrancescoPhotography Jonathan De Francesco, self portrait

Hairstylist Jonathan De Francesco has worked with London labels Art School and Supriya Lele

LocationLondon, United Kingdom

Starting from humble beginnings in his mother’s salon, London-based hairstylist Jonathan De Francesco never imagined that his work would end up taking him all over the world, creating hair looks for magazine editorials and shows alike. Finding his feet working as a core member of iconic hairstylist Guido Palau’s team, De Francesco has since honed his style: he likes to take classic hairstyles, then twist or trash them.

Since De Francesco signed to LGA Management, he has been enlisted by the likes of London breakouts Art School and Supriya Lele. Not to mention working on multiple shoots for Dazed, including as part of the creative team – alongside photographer Johnny Dufort and Dazed’s senior fashion editor Emma Wyman – behind Fran Summers’ spring 2018 cover. For the latest issue, De Francesco worked on no less than three stories, including a portfolio with a group of London-based artists, a feature on musician Lauren Auder, and menswear shoot by Coco Capitán and senior fashion editor Elizabeth Fraser-Bell.

With a number of top-secret special projects coming up, De Francesco hopes to continue travelling the world doing what he loves.

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