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Sage AdamsPhotography Arturo Evaristo

They might be SZA’s right-hand creative, but Adams’ art and activism goes well beyond the singer

LocationLos Angeles, United States

You might know Sage Adams from SZA’s Instagram stories as the pair trip around the world, but Adams’ impact is felt well beyond social media. In May 2017, the cover for SZA’s much-anticipated debut album Ctrl was revealed – the visual director? Adams, and technically, it was their first shoot. The artist went on to capture the cover art for SZA’s singles “Love Galore” and “The Weekend”, as well as being the director of photography for “Broken Clocks”. 

While Adams has been on our radar since 2015 for their work with Art Hoe and for starring in the 2016 coming-of-age documentary All This Panic, it’s seeing them evolve into their own as a creative which has us most enthralled. Last year, Adams completed a gallery fellowship at Philadelphia's Vox Populi Gallery, curating visual works from artists such as Tyler Mitchell, Hunter Schafer, and Anajah Hamilton, and hosting workshops. Adams also used their voice to bring awareness to LGBTQ+ issues at the Choate Spectrum annual Interschool Gender and Sexuality Alliance Conference, as well as career insight at the United Nations Girl Up conference.

In the year ahead, Adams is planning on building an app for women and femmes, considering joining a group which creates racial literacy textbooks and curating a show for fellow artist and friend, Jheyda McGarrell.

Ashleigh Kane