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Broccoli MagazinePhotography Stephen Eichhorn

The new print magazine reinstills weed culture with the opulence it deserves

LocationPortland, United States

Broccoli is the antithesis of everything you’ve ever read about weed. Made for smart women and non-binary people who love to toke, the new (and free!) print magazine is headed by Anja Charbonneau, former creative director of Danish lifestyle mag Kinfolk.

Emerging at a moment when marijuana never seems to be far from the media cycle – whether thanks to changing laws or Insta-bait smoke accessories from the likes of brands like Nice Paper – the time for Broccoli is definitely now. But with the growing legalisation, Charbonneau noticed an increasingly sensationalist approach to coverage of weed culture – one which reinforced masculine stereotypes around smoking, as well as the idea that weed is guaranteed to leave you paranoid and apathetic.

By creating a platform dedicated to women and non-binary people, Charbonneau and her all-women team are creating a space for cannabis to be approached in a new way. From female weed growers, to scientists, painters, and musicians, Broccoli proves there’s much more to lighting up than the lazy stoner stereotype.

Lexi Manatakis