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THE SLUMFLOWER Dazed 100 profile Chidera Eggerue
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Tackling body positivity and self-love, the Peckham native is this generation’s agony aunt

LocationLondon, United Kingdom

The Slumflower should be your go-to relationship guru because her mission is about making you fall in love with yourself. It’s an ethos that forms the crux of her much-anticipated book: What a Time to Be Alone: The Slumflower's Guide to Why You Are Already Enough, out this summer and already racking up pre-orders.

Real name Chidera Eggerue, The Slumflower’s memorable moniker was inspired by Street Etiquette's poetic 2015 film, which explores the idea of a rose growing through concrete. As a young Peckham native, she sees herself and her flourishing career in the same light.

What sets the Londoner apart is her habit of turning subjects that caused her pain into opportunities to press reset on self-criticism – like when she took aim at outdated body standards with her now viral hashtag #SAGGYBOOBSMATTER, highlighting society’s obsession with so-called perfect breasts. Or, more recently, the BBC documentary she presented about young people and hair loss, informed by her own experiences with traction alopecia.

With a radio show, blog, and growing online cult following, as well as collaborations with BET and adidas, her reign as this generation’s agony aunt is in full swing.

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