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Jaime Martinez x N.E.E.T

The photographer signed to M.I.A's record label N.E.E.T talks to Dazed about life on the road...

M.I.A's N.E.E.T label is home much sonic talent, as you you would've expected from a record company. But an equally hotly anticipated talent is photographer Jaime Martinez. Residing in Mexico City, the 32-year-old image maker have shoot for a diverse number of magazines, including Vice, Rolling Stone and Nylon. Now, in his capacity of N.E.E.T in-house photographer, Dazed spoke to him about life on the road with M.I.A.

Dazed Digital: How did you meet MIA?

Jaime Martinez: She found about my work in some blog and later she wrote me an email. We got in contact and she invited me to go to a couple of concerts last year in two music festivals in California. There was were I met her in real, later she talked to me about N.E.E.T and that we could do some projects together. 
DD: You're the only photographer signed to N.E.E.T - How does it differ to being signed by a photo agency?
Jaime Martinez: I can't really tell the difference because I have never been working in a photo agency. For the kind of stuff I do, it makes more sense for me to belong to something like N.E.E.T than to photo agency. I love music and concerts as much as I love photography and art, and with N.E.E.T all this is together.

DD: What's the craziest thing you've seen on tour with MIA?
Jaime Martinez: Lots of grapes in the backstage, I don't get tired of those little yellow things!
DD: How as the internet affected the way you approach photography?
Jaime Martinez: Lately a lot. Some years ago I was more worried about looking for exhibitions in galleries and to be printed in magazines or wherever but now I don't mind so much about it. When a lot of places refused to exhibit my photos I started to focus more on my blogs and post a lots of photos every week, then I said I was "working for the Internet". Soon those photos started to "travel" everywhere and to be posted in lots of other blogs and reviews about my work. Now with the last GIF photos I'm doing the Internet is the perfect place for them to be seen. You can enjoy it everywhere at anytime.
DD: What is the future of photography?
Jaime Martinez: I'm just looking forward to the moment when it's possible to print animated gifs in t-shirts, or in walls or anywhere. As now professional photo cameras can also make hi-fi video photographers are experimenting more with video, or videographers with photo, so I guess the future of photography is somewhere between photo and video. But in the other hand creative people and artists don't always need the latest technology.

DD: If you could shoot anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
Jaime Martinez: Nirvana and Sonic Youth performing live, because their music and philosophy are a big influence in my life.

DD: Tell us something about N.E.E.T that no-one knows...
Jaime Martinez: They love Mexican food and tequila!

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