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Emeric Glayse's Nofound Project

The Parisian curator is busy sending illicit newsletters and finding photographers to convene at his nofound virtual space.

You check your inbox and up pops an e-mail containing a nude photograph. But this isn't spam; it is in fact an art photography newsletter called nofound(secret) which consists simply of one original nude sent without any word or warning. Erotica and intimacy are the norm for nofound project which represents Parisian Emeric Glayse's curatorial work in galleries, print as well as online. There’s the illicit nofound(secret) newsletter along with the nofound blog and he’s even curated nofound(bedroom), a black and white portfolio of empty bedrooms by 39 artists published by Kaugummi Books. Emeric brings together pictures of evocative moments and the nofound blog in particular is a wonderful collection of fragments from the diaries of rising stars of contemporary photography such as Julieta Sans, Lina Scheynius, Jonnie Craig, Dana Goldstein, Jerry Hsu and Valerie Phillips. Beds, breasts, blood, dogs, trees, genitalia, loves, laughs and cars are all part of the gritty submissions and these snapshots of hidden experience somehow promote a sense of human connection. Turning the tables somewhat we have asked Emeric the curator to reveal some of his own secrets through images and words and he has kindly given us an exclusive series of photos from his own diary and talks about his nofound project

Dazed Digital: What is your background in photography/art?
Emeric Glayse: I studied art in high school. I had an amazing teacher who made me discover contemporary art. I curated my first exhibition at sixteen. I started to be interested in photography at the same time because of Helmut Newton who I discovered in my parents’ old magazines. When I really got hooked was in 1999: Taschen were publishing the first book by Juergen Teller, I discovered Purple and I saw Peter Beard at his Kamel Mennour opening. I thought those guys made exactly the pictures I had in my head.

DD: How did nofound begin?
Emeric Glayse: I am image-aholic. I have been a print, magazine and photo book collector for a long time. You can’t imagine how many hours I spent in second-hand bookshops trying to find amazing books for 10p. I started with a first edition ‘Cowboy Kate’ by Sam Haskins and I continued… I have so many pictures on my computer too. At one point, I just wanted to create a place where I liked all the pictures. So I started nofound a night in December 2007. I started by uploading series found on the web. Then, because I saw I had some visits, I asked some photographer friends to send me series they had never shown because it wasn’t in their ‘Work’. Then, I started to contact other photographers to ask them for series. Then, I started to receive exclusive series. One year ago, I thought it was easiest to join the blog and my curatorial projects under one name: nofoundproject.

DD: How did nofound(bedroom) come about?
Emeric Glayse: I bet that if I asked all the nofound photographers to search in their archive, they would find a picture of an empty bed or bedroom. Like it was the new still life. I won the bet and made a low-tech portfolio in black and white as an official report together with Kaugummi books.

DD: What was the inspiration for nofound(secret)?
Emeric Glayse: I think nude photography is the most boring kind of photography at the moment. We’re lucky Terry Richardson arrived some years ago because the idea of nude photography today is still bodies like black and white stones. I’m quite bored of adverts without nipples, playmates without hair, mini-bikini-lapdances-music-videos and sex scenes showing/hiding everything. We are not robots, yet. I think it is in a way more ‘part of life’ to show nudity and speak about it. It’s nice to receive a secret!

DD: What does the future hold for nofound?
Emeric Glayse: Nofound will continue as it started, step by step. The future looks good but I don’t like to speak about it before it’s done.

DD: Where do you find the photographers who are featured on your site?
Emeric Glayse: Everywhere: internet, exhibitions, books, art fairs or magazines. Sometimes I receive recommendations. I meet a lot of them and some are good friends now.

DD: What is your connection with Dazed contributor Lina Scheynius as you seem to be in a lot of her pictures?
Emeric Glayse: I found Lina’s work when I was looking for porn on the internet. I don’t remember if that’s true but it’s the official version of how I found her and Lina loves it. I met Lina because of ‘Kern and Sons’. I was curating my second exhibition at Mycroft gallery and I invited eight young photographers to answer to Richard Kern. Because Lina’s work was amazing, soft and borderline, I contacted her for the project. She came to Paris for the opening and in the end she stayed and I entered into her diary.