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Chairman Kato Exclusive Mix

Pictures Music's latest signing talks to us about Gaviscon bongs and his not-so-secret love of MC Hammer

Chairman Kato's latest EP Wildfire out last month on London-based label Pictures Music, was a fine example of the producer's clever knack for churning the dark and the eerie in his experimental and emotive electronica. This month, he's also hosting an audiovisual experience entitled 'Underbelly' at Teasmith in East London as a collaborative effort with 'spacial animator' Chris Stoneman. The somewhat creepy installation was inspired by the notion of 'taking a subtle undercurrent, and turning it inside out', to create a warped and dark atmosphere in the surroundings of a gentrified teashop.

WHAT'S… special about you, then?
I used to an MC Hammer sideways jump whilst out with friends sometimes. Let's just say it turned heads.

...your worst vice?
Special fried rice and Gaviscon bongs (in that order).

…the story behind your name?
The Chairman is a voice who speaks to me at night, mostly appearing between the hours of 1-6am to dispense his pronouncements and instructions. I summon his presence with a special ritual involving shrimp crackers and a tambourine.

... your favourite sound?
That rushing sound you get in your ears when you stare down into the abyss. The sound of someone urinating in an echo chamber.

...your worst fashion secret?
I wear rubbish clothes. It's no secret.

...your favourite website?

... good for breakfast?
French toast, streaky bacon and maple syrup. the top of your shit list?
As a resident of London my gripes inevitably revolve around the idiocy witnessed on public transport.

...are you listening to now?
Lee Scratch Perry, Odd Apparatus, The National, Bnjmn, Warpaint, Kahn.

How would you describe your 'work'?
Scuffed chubstep with more than a hint of blubbeat.

Chairman Kato - 'Gemini Eyes'
Maxmillion Dunbar - 'Girls Dream'
Chairman Kato - 'Unspoken'
Brad Fiedel - 'Gun Shop/ Reese In Alley'
Newworldaquarium - 'NY'
Alfabet - 'Lap The Music'
Phuture - 'Acid Tracks'
Kassem Mosse - '2d'
Balaam Acab - 'Regret Making Mistakes'
Herbie Hancock - 'Tell Me A Bedtime Story'

Underbelly by Kato and Stoneman; on now until Sunday 24th April; 11am til 6pm