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Produced by the brains behind the now defunct Death From Above 1979, the Toronto-based five-piece take on dance music with their post-punk influences

Influenced by the sounds of a post-punk revival, five-piece band Nightbox built on their influences after meeting at school where Toronto-born frontman/songwriter Jake Bitove, his brother Nick on drums and bassist Andrew Keyes honed their steady dance grooves under James Tebbitt’s melodic riffs and James Shelly’s synths. Produced by two Toronto legends – MSTRKRFT/Death From Above 1979′s Al-P and Sebastien Grainger, Nightbox's new single takes a hedonistic approach with high energy results on a new breed of dance.

... special about you?

I have the benefit of playing drums to an ear-piercing click track, so I should be deaf in the next year or two and won’t have to listen to the lads singing in the shower anymore – Nick Bitove

... your worst vice?
James Shelly: I can't kick the habit of teaching children how to read

... your favourite sound?
Jake Bitove: We have this old fish lamp in our kitchen. When you turn it on, the fish spin around the lamp and it begins to make a humming noise, much like a mini bulldozer., only more soothing. It creates a special atmosphere in our kitchen - so much so that we featured it on our EP

... your worst fashion secret?
James Tebbitt: Sometimes I like to tuck my trousers into my socks.

... your favourite website?
Andrew Keyes: It would have to be as I'm currently stuck in Cerulean city in the Red version.

... good for breakfast?
James Shelly: Bomblettes (omlettes that are the bomb)

... the best thing about where you're from? 
James Tebbitt: Ireland is replete with lovely people, reasonably priced cheese and the worst recession  to hit since the potato famine.

... at the top of your shit list?
Nick Bitove: Shit Robot. I love that guy! He’s got some real funky grooves. Things we love with “shit” in the name, right? No?

... are you listening to now?
Jake Bitove: Recently, I've been listening to Steely Dan's greatest hits and Four Tet ..... pretty nice stuff

How would you describe your work?
Nick Bitove: A fine balance between making Excel spreadsheets look beautiful and musical stress relief