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Introducing idiosyncratic, icy and beguilingly emotive electronica with a taste for the sublime

If Antony Johnson were to ever add his dulcet tones to a soundscape created by Scott Walker for a Lynchian take on American Psycho the outcome might not sound too dissimilar to the icy and emotive tones of Genuflex, a beguiling synth-heavy melodramatic four-piece who take their name from the act of worship. While most bands are busying themselves creating sounds they think will shoe-horn them into the latest hipster run-off buzz genre, Genuflex are an electronic outfit quietly carving a niche that is proving a little harder to pigeonhole.

Testament to their idiosyncratic brilliance is the fact that they provided one of the standout covers on the recent Bowie tribute album, alongside the more illustrious likes of Duran Duran and John Frusciante. We got down on one knee up with singer/songwriter and self-confessed 'religious man' Finn Vine to find out why he's happy to go with torch-core.

What's... special about you then?
That's becoming less clear... I'm sure I started out with a pure heart but I forget. Anyway, that's for you to say, I'm trying to be humble and deserving nowadays. I guess I believe I'm commissioned by the wranglings for self satisfaction over popular appreciation, which is important.

...your worst vice?
It used to be snorting heroin off sleeping children. But now it's more of a cognitive abandon... Or maybe the trembling orchestras of self pity, I dunno.

...the story behind the name?
I wanted to create a crooner called Genuflex to sing the songs I'd written. To those that don't know genuflection is the act of dropping to one knee and praying. Singing is the closest thing I get to praying, it's a physical affirmation that you exist, without that exultation life would be a tawdry affair and I'd skip it.

...your favourite sound?
Breath and heart swathed silence... Kinda Womb acoustics. But Sometimes it's a knicker ping.

...your worst fashion secret?
I can't shake the 81 industrial gay bomber jacket and I've been known to wear women's tights in the winter.

...favourite website?
I don't read blogs. I can usually get what I need from YouTube or ubuweb.

...good for breakfast?
Zantac... Swans.. Exuma. Maybe Rave Melon and Nitzer Ebb. the top of your shit list?
In pole position at the moment its got to be The COALITION. Once again the Tories are fucking the poor and Clegg is seeing stars as he gags on camerons posh little member. The post-ideological generation better watch out because they're going to hit you the hardest. This high echelon tax evasion has got to stop too.

What are you listening to now?
Today, it's been Dion, Revolting Cocks and Ezra Pound reading cantos.

How would you describe your work?
Maximum heartbreak. I think someone called it Lynch-moded torch-core. I'll settle for that.