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Man Like Me

The duo behind the new IKEA ad song are bringing back quirky pop to North London

With a current sell-out UK tour, an album in the offing and a growing legion of fans in Estonia, Camden carnivalesque kings Man Like Me are trumpeting their way to perky pop-techno stardom. Their take on Jona Lewie's 1980 track ‘You’ll Always Find Me in the Kitchen At Parties’ saw the North London-based trio embraced by Scandinavian flat-pack connoisseurs IKEA, appearing in the brand’s new TV ad.

WHAT'S… special about you, then?

We’ve been touring for the last week or so and feel completely rinsed and worthless. We’re struggling to think of anything special, so right now we’d have to say nothing!

….the best gig you've ever played?

There’s too many to mention but the one we did last month in Estonia had to be up there

...your worst vice?

Drink. Starting to find it hard to socialize without it.

….your favourite spot in London?

I [Johnny] grew up in Camden and my nearest parks were Primrose Hill and Regent’s Park so I’d say those two spots as that’s where I’d go to hide away.

….your pet peeves?

Rude people.

….your top party track?

George McRae, Rock your baby. It’s the song that gets my mum dancing and then you know the party’s really kicking off!

….your best party memory?

We played at this house party in a rowdy neighbourhood in L.A. There were proper gangstas rolling by in hydraulic cars and it got shut down by the feds. Epic!

….does 2011 hold for Man Like Me?

Who knows? If we can keep doing this we’ll be happy.