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Magick Mountain

The eerie electronic producer hailing from New York City takes a fresh stance on dark, dubby sounds

The epicly named New York-based musician Magick Mountain (or simply 'Harry' to his mum) is a purveyor of 'deep, dubby vibes' and intense layered sounds that rumble beneath the surface. Remixing Transparent/The Pop Manifesto's release from Holy Other, Harry Bornstein took on "Yr Love" from the 'Witch House' producer's 7" where in an exhilarating seven minutes - the eerie ballad's haunting energy becomes transformed in its disorientating vocal snippets, taking a continuation of the dark and ghoulish atmosphere to a more upbeat track. Before the release of his new single on Ilirjana of Apache Beat/Typical Girls' The Pop Manifesto NY label, he tells us how he avoids legal name battles and the inspiration behind the Mountain...

WHAT'S… special about you?

I mean, you asked for the interview didn't you?

... your favourite sound?

The kinds I can't figure out how to make.

…the story behind your name?

It's from the Thomas Mann novel. I added the 'k' because the folks who hold the rights to the Six Flags theme park of the same name are notoriously litigious. I have no particular interest in the occult. I may change it back.

...your worst fashion secret?

I own a pair of those narrow black leather 'rocker' shoes, ugh.

...your worst vice?

I treat people like shit sometimes

...your favourite website?

Facebook, for sure

... good for breakfast?

Apple pancakes from the Original Pancake House in Chicago the top of your shit list?

In the (Twitter) words of my buddy Jack Croft: "Fuck u if you aren't gentle and kind and honest and hopeful"

...are you listening to now?

Right now, like, 'right now' right now I'm listening to Jam City - Magic Drops

How would you describe your work?

Post-trance... Fuck me.