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Evan Voytas

For romantic vocals and dreamy synths, look no further than to the Los Angeles-based singer/instrumentalist

Dream-pop weaver Evan Voytas creates soft melodic tracks with an ethereal quality to swoon over. Out on US-based indie label Cascine, his new single, 'Tomorrow Night We'll Go Anywhere', is a beautifully romantic track featuring his raspy vocals and enrapturing melodies. Filmmaker Jamie Harley edited the video for a SHOWStudio shoot by Nick Knight with Kate Moss in a ‘provocative peepshow’ with the song as the perfect accompanying soundtrack - illuminated with car headlights flashing across the blank wall where the cavorting model lifts her skirt and leaves the camera wanting more...

WHAT'S… special about you, then?

I try not to be special, but to be a vehicle for specialness.

... the name of your hero?

Henry Miller

...your worst vice?

Watching TV shows on the internet.

... your favourite sound?

Maybe a boom.

...your worst fashion secret?


...your favourite websites?

Twitter, Wikipedia

... good for breakfast?

I skip that shit. the top of your shit list?


...are you listening to now?

Keep Shelly in Athens, Danny Brown.

...the best thing about where you're from?


How would you describe your work?

I'm doing my best.

Were the vibes and scenery of the Kate Moss music video what you envisioned for your track 'Tomorrow Night...'?
I had coincidentally imagined a night-time scene with car headlights illuminating things. It hadn't occurred to me to get Kate Moss in there, but what a dope look.