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Adam Kesher

The Parisian four-piece return with their epic new Chromeo-produced album, 'Challenging Nature'

Any fans of David Lynch might get the nerdy reference, but to everyone else the misleadingly named, Adam Kesher is a four-piece band of Parisian guys who having toured North America and Europe shared stages with the likes of Phoenix, Deerhunter, Cassius, and Digitalism. Making their name in the late '00s with a string of indie pop-influenced electro EPs and remixes by Boys Noize's Strip Steve, Yuksek, and The Shoes. Now back with their second album, 'Challenging Nature' produced by Dave One of Chromeo and mixed by Zdar, A Trak and Pierrick Devin - the new album promises to delight any fans of catchy pop vocals and grinding basslines.

Dazed Digital: Why did you pick the character Adam Kesher for your name (assuming the Mulholland Drive reference)?
Julien: Adam Kesher is like a character from a really good movie about pop culture... Also, we thought that it sounded good and it started with an “A” which is a precious advantage to be at the top of any band listings.

... was the best thing about 2010 for you?
Julien : Best thing was the French release of our new full length Challenging Nature. We’re really proud about it. 2011 will be even better because Challenging Nature will be released worldwide.
Gaëtan: The name “Adam Kesher” didn't appear in the Wikileaks revelations.

...your worst vice? 
Julien : I guess what we French people call “savoir vivre” could easily be perceived as our worst vice.
Gaëtan: I really like cheesy R’n’B and soul music, and I always listen to 202 Live R’n’B radio station. In French we call that kind of stuff “soup”. 

...your worst fashion secret?
Julien : I think it’s all about suggesting to people that you do have a fashion secret.
Gaëtan: I secretly would like to be dressed like Indiana Jones.

...your favourite website?
Julien : Alainfinklekrautrock is my favourite. Besides their incredible good taste, the name is a really good pun. Alain Finkielkraut is a mischievous French philosopher who loves talking shit on TV.
Gaëtan: The Paris Review, where you can find many interviews of writers from the 1950s to 2000s.

... the best thing about where you're from?
Julien: French cheese!
Gaëtan: French wine! From tramps to millionaires, everybody is doing it in France! the top of your shit list? 
Julien: Bono trying to save Africa.
Gaëtan: Mike Patton and his mumbo jumbo sense of art.

...are you listening to now?
Julien: Crystal Ark singles on DFA and Dashiell Hedayat, a French psychedelic hero.
Gaëtan: Brian Eno’s “Before and after Science”, and Bloodstone’s “Natural High”…

...any dream collaborators to work with?
Julien: I would like to work with Dave One (Chromeo) again because I think he’s still not enough used to the French concept of “kissing your buddies” and I’m neither used to Phil Collins discography.
Gaëtan: Quincy Jones, “100 ways” period.

How would you describe your work? 
Julien: Someone trying to think about something very deep as the music is playing very loud.
Gaëtan: I heard somewhere that dancing is a kind of sexual parade, like birds often do. So I would say my work is a wish to look like a bird, as far as I can, and in a more noble way than Nelly Furtado.

Adam Kesher's album 'Challenging Nature' is out April 11th March on Disque Primeur through EMI

Adam Kesher - Gravy Train video from Disque Primeur.