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Pictures Music's latest addition brings us a hazy electronica to sweep us into an exciting new year of sound

This 18-year-old Welsh producer – by way of Glasgow - is set to have a very full diary in the coming months.  In an age where new sounds are added to the flaming melting pot of genres almost every week, there is something to be said for the blissful simplicity of the beats that Koreless has been showcasing of late.  With a subtle nod to the more ambient side of electronica and its dreamy melodies, his sound has settled into a happy home with Pictures Music, and its glowing online reception has set the ball rolling for collaborations with Glasgow's Fortified Audio, All Caps and LuckyMe, as well as Dublin's All-City Records after the new year. With such a promising 2011 in store, Koreless will surely be one to watch.

Dazed Digital: Describe your sound?
Koreless: Simple, well defined rhythm, melodies and emotions.

DD: Worst vice?
Koreless: Ketchup addiction.

DD: What are you listening to right now?
Koreless: Quasimoto – The Further Adventures of Lord Quas

DD: Releases coming out?
Koreless: My first release is out early next year on Pictures Music, 12" Of 4D and MTI.  I'm really excited about that. I'm also doing a collab project with Lone due out next year on All City Records.

DD: Top of your shit list?
Koreless: Sour milk, eugh.

DD: Favourite website(s)?

DD: Inspiration?
Koreless: Less is more.

DD: Hero?
Koreless: Kenny Powers.

DD: Villain?
Koreless: Konnie Huq.

DD: Ideal collaboration?
Koreless: A real soulful vocalist, Steve Spacek, James Blake, Andreya Triana, Alicia Keys...

DD: What do the next few months have in store for you?
Koreless: A few remixes, my first release and exams.

DD: The story behind your name?
Koreless: Mix up at birth.

DD: What's your home town like for music?
Koreless: I'm from Bangor originally, it's really cool, a lot of reggae and jungle.  There's not much on the new music front though, but should change soon I'm sure...