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With a new video directed by Nova Dando, the eclectic duo take on neon electro and 90s house beats

Villa's craft lies in dissecting a beat, getting their friends to remix it and all the while keeping the house club scene in mind. The trio kept their name sweet in native Belgium with their edits of diva tracks. Their current release sees them rehash 1983 underground club hit 'Beats Of Love' adding a 90s house bassline. Remixes of the track come courtesy of Mylo adding a spiraling piano riff, Hannulelauri's robotic synths whilst C90s slowed it down. Though supporting The Drums on tour, Villa keep a low profile of their image. Accompanying video to the track, directed by Nova Dando, is a collage of collected graphics - neon ballet dancers and, generally, neon- giving no clues of the band's identity.

WHAT'S... special about you, then?
Francois De Meyer & Thang Trun:
We rather let people decide for themselves. We love making music and playing it live and hope we can inspire people around us the same way it inspires us.
Francois De Meyer: Another interesting fact is that Thang and me both have different backgrounds: I’ve been raised with soul music and then later got into stoner rock... I’m mainly a songwriter. And Thang as a DJ knows all about electronic music/disco/dance so the mix of both worlds really works for us!

...your worst vice?
Francois De Meyer: Not being able to switch off my computer at night. And every morning I sing a song to my goldfish.
Thang Trun: I can’t stay away from noodles..

…the story behind your name?
Francois De Meyer & Thang Trun: We think it sounds fresh / spacy and groovy, just like the sound we try to achieve in our mixes. Also nice to know is that Catalan people call Ibiza 'Villa', which was earlier 'Eivissa', so it's ok if some people call us Balearic...

... your favorite sound?
Francois De Meyer: The sound of a coffee machine in the morning, the sound of a V8 chevy motor
Thang Trun: Killing a lightning match in water. It was snowing for the first time this year, cracking snow under the feet

...your worst fashion secret?
Francois De Meyer: Yes I’m wearing underwear, and I love shopping! , that’s probably my worst secret.
T: CK...

...your favorite website?
Francois De Meyer: / youtube
Thang Trun: check out, great graphics and heavy bass sounds

... good for breakfast?
Francois De Meyer: American and British style breakfasts, scrambled eggs, bacon, large coffee, orange juice, mushrooms, potato pie, pancakes with maple syrup. The best! Nice and greasy, perfect to start the day.
Thang Trun: Noodles? I went once to Vietnam to pay a visit to my family. It was during the rainy season, September. The first night we arrived we were so exhausted and overwhelmed by the culture clash, we needed a good sleep. The day after, I woke up and my aunts immediately served me a hot noodle soup… I was like hunn?? the top of your shit list?
Francois De Meyer & Thang Trun: Toilet paper? 
Flying, and waiting.

...are you listening to now?
Francois De Meyer: Little Dragon, The Chemical Brothers, new Daft Punk soundtrack for the new TRON movie
Thang Trun: Yes!
Francois De Meyer: LCD Soundsystem
Thang Trun: Yes!
Francois De Meyer: The new N*E*R*D album. We’ve also been building our new studio the last couple of months and the music playing there is mainly rock: Dead Weather, Kyuss, Them Crooked Vultures, White Stripes, Eagles Of Death Metal. Some good old rock like Led Zeppelin
Thang Trun: That's what I prefer to listen to while driving
Francois De Meyer: For me it depends on moods and seasons; lighter music in the summer and heavier music in the winter and electronic music in between. But honestly I don’t listen that much to other people’s music, keeps my head fresh to write it myself
Thang Trun: Propaganda- German dark synthpop band from the early 80's, Amon Düül 2- one of the influential formers of Krautrock, also German… wow

How would you describe your work?
Francois De Meyer & Thang Trun: We'd like to call it ‘hyper disco’ with a fresh sound and a very groovy, sexy beat on top! Every track or remix will have a Pop-y touch, an aspect we find important.

Villa play London on December 17th at The Nest. 36-44 Stoke Newington Road, London, N16 7XJ. The video for Villa's new release 'Beats Of Love' featuring The New Sins out now