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Io Echo

The boy-girl duo mix epic guitar riffs with haunting vocals on their upcoming debut album

Duo Leopold Ross and Ioanna Gika - aka Io Echo -  played their debut UK performances playing with The Drums after spending the past year touring the US with the likes of Florence and the Machine, La Roux and The Big Pink (for whom Leopold plays bass.) As well as opening Nine Inch Nails final ever show, Io Echo released their first single as a vinyl-only imprint on LA's IAMSOUND Records. Now working on their debut album with songs like 'Shanghai Girls' and 'When the Lillies Die', expect a modern take on sounds harking back to Siouxsie Sioux, Joey Ramone, and Patti Smith. 

WHAT'S... special about you, then?

Ioanna: On my father's side there is a familial link to Vlad the Impaler, the man that Dracula was based on. While I'm not sure this is special in a good way, it explains a lot of things in my life.

...your worst vice?

Leopold: Taking experimentation too far

 …the story behind your name?

Leopold: "Io" is short for Ioanna, and "Echo" sounded sonically compatible. We wanted something that would give reference to our sound.

...your worst fashion secret?

A lot of our clothes are held together with black duct tape.

...your favourite website?

...on your ipod/mp3 player/stereo?

Odd future, Grinderman, Enigma.

 ... was your last day job?

Leopold: I write scores for films with my brother Atticus and sister in law Claude. This is still something I do.

... good for breakfast?

Ioanna: Dinner the top of your shit list?

Ioanna: Leopold

Leopold: Ioanna would you describe your work?

Leopold: Attempting to document the noise in our heads.