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Nathan Fake at dollop

The influential British producer behind Border Community returns for a headline slot at dollop's next party

Tonight, mega-promoters Dollop are bringing their upstanding eclectic line ups to Heaven in central London for a mid-week blow out. Nathan Fake is heading up the line up a much loved and unique artist belonging to James Holden’s Border Community family. Nathan’s melodic yet banging techno also takes influence from the broken beats of IDM forging live sets that move people’s souls as well as their feet. Joining him on the line up are recent break through analogue psychotics Factory Floor, Japanese post-rockers Bo Ningen, and Numbers resident Jackmaster will be backed up by Rough Trade and Dollop DJs. 

Dazed Digital: What are your favourite things to do?
Nathan Fake: Make tunes, relax and drink cups of tea after a tiring week/weekend

DD: Who is your biggest inspiration?
Nathan Fake: Collectively all my family and friends.

DD: What’s your favourite piece if soft/hard ware?
Nathan Fake: Soft: Cool Edit Pro. Hard: Roland SH-09

DD: What is your favourite sound?
Nathan Fake: Some kind of constant whitenoise-ish sound while I'm falling asleep.

DD: What has been your favourite party?
Nathan Fake: My 11th birthday party

DD: What would be your dream place to live?
Nathan Fake: Right now it'd be a totally soundproofed flat with a studio in London then when i'm older somewhere more rural, Norfolk or maybe rural Scotland.

DD: What’s been your favourite experience travelling as a DJ/artist?
Nathan Fake: Recently it was the mini UK tour I just did with James Holden, Four Tet, Caribou and Rocketnumbernine, all of us in a flashy tour bus sleeping in little bunk beds between shows. Other times - I think getting called a "fucking asshole" (in an American accent) by a mad Italian "fan" for not playing a particular song in my live set in Rome a couple of years ago.

DD: Where do you want to go that you’ve never been?
Nathan Fake: Iceland and Japan were on my list but now I've been to those places I think I'd like to visit New Zealand or I'd like to see more of Canada.

DD: What's your favourite old album and what's your favourite new one?
Nathan Fake: Old: Orbital - Green Album. New: Actress – Splazsh

Dollop in Heaven. Heaven, under the arches, Villiers Street, London WC2N 6NG; Wednesday 24th November 10pm – 3am. Tickets £4 from Ticket Web. Room 1: Nathan Fake (Live), Factory Floor (Live) Bo Ningen (Live)  DJs: Jackmaster, Rough Trade DJs, Dollop DJs. Room 2: Hot Boy Dancing Spot, The Lovely Jonjo, Hello Mozart