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Nosaj Thing Launches his AV Spectacular

The cosmic LA beat don collaborates with Fair Enough, the design studio behind the Toro Y Moi and Holy Fuck’s light show for the debut of his audio visual show in London

After touring the US with The xx, seeing his album Drift top countless Best Of lists last year and showcasing the beta version of his audio visual experience at Sonar festival in Barcelona, Los Angeles’s best beat baller Nosaj Thing (aka Jason Chung) is back in London. This time he comes armed with his full audio visual spectacular, made in collaboration with LA immersive design studio, Fair Enough. The creative duo of Adam Guzman and Julia Tsao also created the incredible lights for Holy Fuck and the nostalgic visuals for Toro Y Moi. For the London debut they takeover an east London warehouse with fellow LA psyche drum freakazoid, Free The Robots in support. 

Dazed Digital: What have been the highlights from the US visual Tour thus far?
Nosaj Thing: I would say we are still in the "beta" phase for the visual show. It's something we're going to keep building upon. Performing the visual show at the Museum of Image and Sound in Brasil and Sonar Festival in Chicago were the highlights so far.

DD: How would you describe the Nosaj Thing visuals?
Julia Tsao: The Nosaj Thing show grew organically out of our conversations and existing collaborations with Nosaj Thing. We were designers, he was a musician. We loved music, he loved design, so it felt natural to collaborate together. Back then, Adam and I were still in grad school, and kind of just worked on this project during late nights and weekends, so things were definitely kind of crazy. We were working a lot, creating a lot, and this was one of many things that we did during that time, which I believe was back around mid-2009. 
Adam Guzman: We wanted to make something completely different than what you would usually see at a show. Something simple and effective. 
Nosaj Thing: It just happened naturally. I've always wanted to create some type of visual experience for the audience and so they helped bring the idea come to life. 

DD: I like the understated space and simple subtlety from all of you guys.
Nosaj Thing: We worked together to make sure that the visuals go well with the music without taking too much focus away from the music itself.
Julia Tsao: I think a good ethos of how we try to approach our work is to do less, but to do it with more precision, focus, and purpose. Less can definitely be more, if framed correctly. I think that personally stems from curiosity, to explore things that we haven't done before. To me the challenge is always about marrying what's possible and feasible with what we should be doing. A lot of times, just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should. 

DD: How about the visuals for Toro y Moi and Holy Fuck?
Julia Tsao: The visual show for Toro Y Moi is all about nostalgia. His music has a lot of emotion and his songs are very personal. We wanted to highlight that with the visual language. We wanted the show to feel intimate and personal.
Adam Guzman: Holy Fuck has a very unique stage presence. We noticed they play in a cluster, with loads of gear surrounding them. Their live performance has a "pulse" to it, their movements become synchronized, almost as if they are one organism, wires and instruments included. We wanted the floor to become an extension of them. We came up with the idea to build a series of clear platforms with led light strips beneath them, and synch the lights to their set. Some songs have designed light sequences, others are reacting to the live audio. It's somewhat of a twist on the (bad) iconic LED dance floor. 

Catch Nosaj Thing’s Live AV show and Free The Robots live on Wednesday 20th October at Pattern Cutters Warehouse in Dalston