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Flight Facilities' Funk

The Aussie duo chat about aeroplane meals, annoying flight safety announcements and all other things aeronautical

Aussie production duo Flight Facilities are yet another addition to the line of antipodean electro outfits who combine blissed out pop productions with dancefloor ethics. After making their impact last year remixing the likes of Bag Raiders’ “Turbo Love”, The Lowbrows’ “Dream In The Desert” and Toecutter’s “Best Party Ever”, they finally released their own track “Crave You” as the Aeroplane-approved and incidentally Aeroplane-esque breakout single. Pop vocals from Melbourne songwriter Giselle Rosselli are infused with melodic keys and summery vibes, and whilst their production is still rather raw but catchy nonetheless. After championing remixes from the likes of Cassian, Graz and The C90s, alongside a cover by Ted & Francis, the duo are heading out on their European tour, aiming sky high.

WHAT'S… special about you, then?

Good point. Our mums always seemed to think there was something but now that you mention it, we can't seem to come up with anything. One of us does a great match-stick trick and the other is pretty good at paper/scissors/rock. You don't find a lot of that these days.

...your worst vice?

Knowing someone is going to fall over and waiting around to watch it happen. Call us crazy, but it's just not much of a story if you save a drunk stranger from falling in a puddle. Better yet, film it. We're getting into the habit of documenting that too.

…the story behind your name?

It was an old company of one our grandfathers'. It was an actual aviation service in the late 70s. It stopped some time in the 90s and we thought it'd be good to pick up and run again under a different style - logo and all. We're still not too sure about how much he'd approve of dance music as opposed to a company that was often associated with saving lives. But as we've said over and over - we just like to tell ourselves that we, more or less, do the same thing.

... your favourite sound?

The tiny subtle little sounds in songs that are almost unrecognisable to the point of insignificance. Also the sound of a golf ball falling into the hole. We don't play golf, nor are we avid golf supporters. It's just a good sound. After reading this back to ourselves, we may have to start liking the sounds of straight jackets and padded cells.

...your worst fashion secret?

Stand next to people who aren't as well dressed as you. Why get fancy if the guy who didn't can make your mediocrity look like a million dollars? Alternatively, go to Florida. Hawaiian shirts and socks & sandals are still very 'in' there. You can't really get it wrong when the odds are that far in your favour.

...your favourite website? - prepare for a life of internet slavery if you start visiting it habitually.

... good for breakfast?

Bacon and eggs. You can't go wrong with it. Airports are pretty well equipped in this department which is lucky for us. It's a lot nicer when it's fresh and not in sandwich form but flyer's can't be choosers. Add mushrooms, tomato, avocado etc. for heightened enjoyment. the top of your shit list?

We're not even trying to keep an aeronautical theme here but the demonstration before the plane takes off. Can't they have a beginners section of the plane for people who still don't know how to work the seat belt? They should just make the procedure an ad on tv - and people who are interested in flying or have never done it can watch. The rest of us can exercise our power over the mute button.

...are you listening to now?

Good question. This one has never come up. We're just glad we got to this after 'The Best of Britney' finished playing. Right now the iTunes reads 'You Make Me Wanna Wiggle - The Brothers Johnson'. 

How would you describe your work?

Long and tedious. Takes us ages to make just one song. That way, the heartbreak is simply tormenting if it fails. It's nice to live life on the edge like that. If you've tried skydiving or bungee jumping - you'll love writing music. It's exhilarating, like riding an F1. 

Guessing that's not Giselle in the new video? Is working with her an ongoing thing?

No, we're going to continue to work with a range of vocalists. We've heard variety is the spice of life. We'd love to work with her again in the future though. She's a great song writer and we've recently found out she's not such a bad performer either. She's also a maths wizz. No pressure guys - she's only smart, cute and talented. 

Any other future collabos? 

Nothing 100 per cent in concrete yet but we've organised a few vocalists and friends to help us on what is still a brand new journey for us. We've spoken with Shinichi Osawa about doing some work so hopefully something comes of that. Shinichi and Japan are both awesome. We just can't wait to release a few more songs ourselves and hopefully collaborate with a few other international artists. It's still early days so for now, the music world is our oyster.