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Iberian 2-Step From Noaipre

Arkestra Discos impresses once again by showcasing Noaipre and his manic aural offerings from Barcelona

Following the Kosmic Lovers single from Bflecha, the newest release on the Spanish Arkestra Discos imprint comes from Noaipre, who already feels like a proud brother-in-arms to the current UK beat scene.  His recent comparisons to Guido and Ikonika are complimentary and relevant within the context, yet the attention given to such comparisons shouldn't detract from his individual style. Although being aligned with such a relatively small pool of like-minded producers is a notable achievement with a debut, there is a fresh playfulness to his sound that makes it very much his own. He must have a grin to rival that of the Cheshire cat by now, as his Pretty Psycho single is being lapped up by critics and fans alike – and rightly so. Pretty Psycho is an impressive first release; where catchy snaps of r'n'b melt into frantic smatterings of what can only be described as orchestral garage, that then explodes into a driving bass in its massive, synth-led impact.  And to compliment the A side, Anxiety Square on the flip is hallucinogenic 'Eski beat' by way of A Coruña. With Noaipre, Arkestra Discos have clearly nailed their sophomore release.  

…the last record you bought? 

A Kid D white label, Second Realm.

…the last film you saw? 

Die Hard 4.

…the last amazing party you played at?  

The last C.A.L.O.R. Party in Donosti with Arkestra, Lo Fi Funk and Desperrame was sooo crazy.

…your guilty pleasure?  


…your favourite website? 


…your addiction? 

My bike.

…your worst fashion faux pas?

Sandals with socks.

…your favourite city? 


…your major ambition? 

To pay my bills!

Who are you listening to right now?  

Waka Flocka - Love Dem Gun Sounds

I love to hate....


Late at night I...

Can´t sleep.

How would you describe your sound?

One swirl of cream and kiwi gelatin velociraptors humming inside.