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Photo by Shaun Bloodworth

Hyperdub's Cooly G Hits Halloween

Set to play Mulletover's Halloween party, the London-based producer preps the upcoming releases on her new electronic crossover label

Dazed first spoke to Cooly G last year when she was just signing to Kode9's London-based imprint Hyperdub. A year on, the success of her label Dub Organizer has stemmed from its first release from Krystal Klear (who recently did a mix for Dazed) and Arethis, soon DJ IC and Sami Sanchez will be getting on board. Luckily this year Halloween falls on the weekend, meaning Cooly G will be playing the special Mulletover party in store alongside the likes of Steve Bug, Seth Troxler, Ewan Pearson, Glimpse, Renaissance Man, and Love & Mercy.

Dazed Digital: The last time we spoke to you (it was Sept '09) and you were joining the Hyperdub roster and UK Funky was cementing itself in the music scene… how do you think UK Funky/Grime has changed since last September?
Cooly G: Sept '09... Oh my god sounds like years ago haha - well I joined up with Hyperdub at the beginning of '09 it has changed a lot different sounds here and there I'm not to familiar with grime but from what I've seen all genres are changing all the time.

DD: Do you still feel a part of the same genres or do you feel your style has changed since? How, if so?
Cooly G: I think I've changed a little, my sounds have to naturally as you gotta progress, to keep on point my new sound now that is not yet released is amazing I been going hard in studio lots of tweaking and creating drama and I've recently had time to do lots of vocals and a few collabs.

DD: How is your own label going?
Cooly G: My label Dub Organizer is my second baby - as my lovely beautiful son is obviously my first love! It is going really good and I've been getting the first release with Krystal Klear & Arethis ready DBOR001, and preparing the 2nd release feat DJ IC and more including Sami Sanchez, I'm currently signing more producers for the new year and gonna have a special EP with selected producers on the label producing an me vocaling all tracks so many things - also arranging label tours in other countries oh yea we have our launch party with the return of the producers house on the 23rd October at Plan B with special guests following the 1st release on the 25th oct 12" and digital - excited!

DD: Any dream signings?
Cooly G: I'd love to sign a single from Kode 9! And collaborators? Yes! Karizma, DJ Gregory, Martyn, Burial, a.m.e, Jazzy B, R Kelly, Skream, Dennis Fereer.

DD: What are you most looking forward to next?
Cooly G: I'm going to the USA tomorrow for a two week tour with Jamie xx and I'm so dramatically excited/nervous and can't stop going 'wee lol' and the label launching and just keeping it moving out here! Got more... but I'm not allowed to release that info as yet!