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Dam Funk (Los Angeles, USA)

LA-based producer who has a love for boogie and funk.

Producer Dam Funk was raised in Pasadena, California and is now based in the Leimert Park section of Los Angeles. His debut single, "Burgundy City"/"Galactic Fun", is out now on Stones Throw, and he's currently recording his debut album. He also hosts a Monday-night party called Funkmosphere where he plays rare boogie and funk.
What's... special about you, then?
The fact that I wasn't afraid to hold up the torch and show love for early 80's boogie and funk sounds, often created by very talented yet mostly neglected artists. I've done all this with respect for the music, in a true stomp-down way (not in a tongue in cheek way) smack dab in the middle of what seems to be a continuous hip hop-dominated music climate. Bottom line is that in this climate, I like to bring everybody from all sides and styles of urban music together. So far, it's been real cool. Also, people who really know me can tell you that I'm a funkster first and foremost, but one who embraces and digs any genre of music that's good. For example, some would not expect me, as heavy as I rep the funk, to be into the UK band Prefrab Sprout, but they're one of my favorites of all time. I think Paddy McAloon is a musical super genius.
...your worst vice?
Forgetting people's names (but never faces, trust me!)
...your favourite synth?
My mind. When it's focused and clear, it synthesizes the best. like playing in LA with George Clinton and Funkadelic?
A funk dream come true.
...the world coming to?
A confirmation of the existence of intergalactic visitors to earth and throughout the universe (previously in time and now). How can we be so selfish to think otherwise? Look up in the night sky some time this summer and simply stop while gazing up and realistically ask yourself the question again. Once this truth is known and confirmed to the masses (because some of us already know...), the world will be a different place as we know it, along with the way we think as an entire human race. We will have hopefully progressed into a more intergalactic way of thinking, not just a self-centered worldly way of thinking (which often spirals us into so many of the petty grievances we deal with on a day to day basis with one another here on earth). This time, I feel, is not too far away on the horizon.
...the best thing about the eighties?
...the sexiest song of all time?
"Special Things" by Jonnie Baby (a rare Elektra Records U.S. promo-only 12" & 7" single released in 1986 from a full LP that never came out. What a shame!). Modern soul and boogie wax collectors stand up! year going to bring?
Respect for the funk and modern funk-based based music, as well as a well-deserved interest in the very vibrant Los Angeles underground music scene. the top of your shit list?
George Bush and everything his regime stands for.
How would you describe your work?
Passionate. The real deal.