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Artwork by Sanghon Kim

Record Makers 10th Birthday

The French record label hit their tenth anniversary, celebrating with live sets from Sebastien Tellier, Kavinsky and Acid Washed

Set up by Stephane Elfassi and Marc Teissier du Cros back in 2000, Parisian label Record Makers has launched the likes of French crooner Sebastien Tellier, to Air and Acid Washed. Focusing around sounds that surround the electro genre with more experimental takes from Turzi and hip hop like DSL to signature French electro circa 2006 like Kavinsky, they've helped shape the musical landscape of the Parisian music scene today. Now ten years on, they're celebrating with a shows across the world in LA, Paris, London and soon Berlin, New York and Tokyo alongside an app by visual artists Mrzyk & Moriceau.

Dazed Digital: Ten years! How does it feel?
Stephane Elfassi & Marc Teissier du Cros: It feels good. First of all because since the beginning, the idea of Record Makers was to set up a long lasting label, not the label of one sound because these usually have a short life. Ten years ago, the music business was healthy and wealthy. The label was created in the warm surroundings of a big name (Air) and a powerful major distribution (Virgin). Soon after (in 2004 approx.), Air left the label for good and the major became a nightmare to work with. Then came the hardest part of our history: to save our label luckily enough, we managed to do so, and we're now two people driving the label (Stephane Elfassi & Marc Teissier du Cros) so it feels really good to release those great records from our artists with a total artistic freedom. 

DD: How do you pick your artists?
Stephane Elfassi & Marc Teissier du Cros: Very randomly. The best way is through a song that we've released, we call it the Trojan horse song. It happened several times. A young musician in search of a label hears a song that he absolutely loves, finds out that it's been released on Record Makers, and decides to sign with us without us even knowing! We like self-taught musicians in general, they seem to know the way to the heart better than educated musicians. We're desperate to sign a girl on the label. if you're a girl, if you sing and if you feel like recording for a French label, please send us an email here:

DD: Is there something in common that runs through all your signings or a sound you’re looking for?
Stephane Elfassi & Marc Teissier du Cros: We're not the label of one sound. we're more a romantic sounding label. Also, most of our artists are big cinema fans, one can hear that in their music.

DD: How do you feel the sound of Record Makers has progressed over time?
Stephane Elfassi & Marc Teissier du Cros: We're probably releasing more handcrafted music than in our beginning. and we also try not to be too close to the trends. The next decade will be dedicated to releasing foreign music. we do not want to become a label specialised in French artists.

DD: What do you think of the current French music scene?
Stephane Elfassi & Marc Teissier du Cros: It's a fun scene. The kids are as much focused on the way they look as on the music they record. It's a very nihilist scene as well, some parties are aggressive, fuelled with cocaine & Red Bull. Nobody remembers that 15 years ago, basically before Daft Punk and the Eurostar, nobody cared about French music! There were absolutely no British A&Rs in Paris! Apart from Record Makers acts, we currently enjoy listening to Koudlam, Zombie Zombie or SebastiAn, but also to Connan Mockasin from New Zealand or Puro Instinct from LA, California.

Record Makers 10th Birthday, 10th October 2010, with Acid Washed, Kavinsky, Sebastien Tellier and Mr Flash.