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Jacques Renault Plays Love Fever

Brooklyn's Jacques Renault gets ready to play alongside Wolf + Lamb label co-founder Gadi Mizrahi at Dalston's new night

Set to play the aptly named Love Fever night down at a secret location in Dalston this Saturday, enigmatic producer Jacques Renault will be gracing the bill next to the equally influential Gadi Mizrahi of Wolf + Lamb fame. Having accumulated a collection of disco edits and lush house tracks, Renault has fast built up a cult following for his catchy melodies and flavoursome tunes. Gracing labels like Italians Do It Better, I'm A Cliché and more recently Permanent Vacation, he also runs his own On The Prowl alongside Marcos Cabral. Dazed Digital speak to the Brooklynite about what he does and what's to come. 

Dazed Digital: You're set to play Love Fever this week, that's a pretty appropriate name for the music you produce?! What can we expect from your set?

Jacques Renault: Yes, I've been looking to do a party with these guys. We're like minded in many ways..

DD: How do you find your samples?
Jacques Renault: I've been collecting records for years now. Often things hit you just when you hear it. So I have quite a bit to play and plenty just for inspiration. There's always more out there.

DD: Do you mostly listen to old music? Or are you also into current dance music? Any favourites at the moment?
Jacques Renault: I joke how I listen to more bad music than anything else. I listen to 12"s from all genres and albums as well. I am definitely into current dance music and I continue to buy new records and release records on my own label, On The Prowl. It's always tough to say who your favourites are because you always end up forgetting someone so I'll name one artist. I like what Nicholas is doing on nomorehits records. It's some serious feel good music.

DD: As you make such romantic songs, are you a real romantic at heart?
Jacques Renault: Haha that's very nice of you to say. I'm definitely a romantic yes.

DD: You know you have the same name as a character in Twin Peaks... Are you a fan of Lynch by any chance? Sampled any movies out there?
Jacques Renault: I like the Twin Peaks reference for sure. I've actually only seen the movie, I have not managed to see the series yet but it's on the list.

DD: What has On the Prowl been up to? Any new releases on their way?
Jacques Renault: On The Prowl has some upcoming releases in the Autumn featuring a new Corinne Single with a Tensnake remix and an Andy Ash 12" as well along with more from Runaway / OTP Party Breaks. Very excited about the upcoming!

Love Fever Wolf + Lamb Studio Party ; Saturday 21st August 2010; 10pm till 5am; Secret Dalston Studio Location.