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Jacques Greene

We get an exclusive mix from the young music maker who caught the attention of UK labels like Night Slugs and LuckyMe

Little is known of the young Jacques Greene, but mystery can be a charming thing, especially when it feeds a deserved buzz. The slow burn of anticipation surrounding him is heating up by the day, as those lucky enough to grab a hold of his tracks wonder over the who, where and when. Well, here's a few answers to stave off the hunger. He's from Montreal, Quebec. This coming November will bring his releases on LuckyMe and Night Slugs. Oh, and he really, really loves The-Dream. He's even recorded a mix exclusively for DazedDigital of his own material, including said upcoming releases. Don't say we're not kind.  

...does the future have in store for you?
Commitments, deadlines, fun times, records, more synths and drum machines, debt, friends, chaos. Maybe start a band, produce pop stars, have my own endorsed version of Patron Tequila? Who knows! your favourite city?
For some strange reason Glasgow has always felt like a home away from home. However despite seeing a lot of great cities all over, Montreal still holds quite a special place in my mind and heart. your summer jam?
The-Dream - F.I.L.A. Or anything R&B for that matter. That and piano house. Nothing says summer like Farley's Hot Piano Mix of John Rocca's 'I Want It To Be Real'. the best piece of advice you've heard?
Not sure... Perhaps a good friend telling me to make more dance music? For better or worse, I am usually terrible at following advice. As Drake would say, "I'm doing me". at the top of your shit list?
Will.I.Am, overpriced records and bad coffee. your dream music project, and with whom?
To make a full album with The-Dream, or be part of one of those big songwriter teams like The Clutch. the last record you bought?
'Hold On', a 12" by Colours. Some really great 90s UK Garage. It's all so cheap on, and a lot of it still sounds quite fresh and contemporary now. the last movie you saw and loved?
Chungking Express, it's a brilliant early 90s Chinese film with a beautiful visual style and great characters. your guilty pleasure?
I would say R&B except I'm far too unapologetic about my love for it to consider it a "guilty" pleasure. you favourite website?
Youtube is quite obviously the best invention since drum machines. However, I'm not really feeling the ads they have implemented before some videos lately.

...are you listening to right now?
Really feeling that new Arcade Fire record, a lot of great new house releases on Drumpoet Community, Wolf&Lamb and things like that. Right this second though I'm listening to "Te Amo" by Rihanna. She is also up there in my dream collaborations. She sounds amazing over this Stargate beat.

...will Nicki Minaj do next?
Develop ten new "foreign" accents, shave her head, release a sex tape on World Star. Who knows!?

How would you describe your sound?
Analog synth washes and vocal chops that may be reminiscent of an emotional Will Smith summer block buster backed by shuffle-heavy drum machines blaring out of a bad PA system at six in the morning.