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Everything Everything (Manchester, UK)

Hailing from sunny Manchester, the artsy band speak to Dazed about pop tarts and scotch eggs

The foursome who have happily lost their surnames en route to becoming Everything Everything, have found a home in making artsy, electro-tinged indie rock. Their debut album 'Man Alive', due to be out on the 30th of this month, fuses catchy post-punk guitar riffs with post-apocalyptic vocals. Expect the same from their new single 'My Kz, Ur Bf' with remixes from the likes of GRUM. We speak to Mike Everything, Jonathan Everything, and Jeremy and Alex 'Temple' Everything about pretty much... everything.


...special about you, then?    
We try to value all genres and styles equally, and aren't afraid of taking influence from anywhere.

...your worst vice?  

…the story behind your name?  
We think it is a good mix of simple and complex, with a short and easy meaning, and also a huge and pretentious one - you can have either from it, and from our music.

...the world coming to?  
The next few years will be bad for the arts in this country. But actually, art will get better here. More generally, the world is pretty much ok, mankind isn't going to be soon.

...your worst fashion secret?  
There is a shop in Manchester where everything is sold for £3 or less. I just got a kind of cyclist's jerkin with a massive painting on the front and pockets where the shoulderblades are, it's made of a kind of sleeping bag. And there was a clay pipe in one of the pockets.

...good for breakfast? 
Wild Grape Poptarts - or mini scotch-eggs microwaved with cherry tomatoes, then soy sauce on top. the top of your shit list? 
Whoever sold Katie Price's brainface being cluster-fucked by that cage-fighter daily on tv

...are you listening to now? 
Clock Opera - Alouette

How would you describe your work?  

The single 'My Kz, Ur Bf' will be released on August 23rd.

Exclusive Behind The Scenes Making of the Video for Everything Everything's new single 'My Kz, Ur Bf' .