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Robyn shot by Rankin

Robyn Lets Her Body Talk

After years of touring, the Swedish popstress returns with her new album

Sweden’s Robin Miriam Carlsson aka Robyn has long been making musical waves with her pop-tastic electro-infused tunes. Quirky enough to appeal to the underground crowd, she has been likened to other Scandi artists like Lykke Li and Annie whilst cleverly crafting catchy pop songs that enter the mainstream. Dazed catch up with her before the UK leg of her tour and the learn a little about the launch of her new album, ‘Body Talk Part 1’.

Dazed Digital: So you're releasing Body Talk Pt. 1, how did the production of it compare to the previous ones? You've released a fair few now?
Robyn: Yeah, well this time I came back from touring for four years which was something I really enjoyed, and the album reached a lot of people I didn't expect it to. But not being able to put out another record until another five years after touring seemed uninspiring to me- so it's in an album in parts. It's a way of breaking it up a bit. It allowed me to record and tour at the same time. So that was the main reason for doing it – a practical solution. It influenced a lot of the visuals and relates to how people consume music these days, I like shorter albums, I don't think they have to be like 15 songs now.

DD: Is it harder or easier now?
Robyn: It’s a lot more fun doing it this way- and to be more connected to the things I like to do is great...

DD: And you're still working with your own label Konichiwa?
Robyn: Well the label only exists for my own music, so now my record company is only active then really

DD: People have been saying some very positive things about the single. Does this kind of feedback matter to you? Or are you just doing your own thing?
Robyn: I’m totally doing what I wanna do and get to sell a few records at the same time - I still have creative control and time to spend on details right now. Of course it's awesome to get reviews like that - it’s the dream, but it's like I would’ve been doing it anyway.

DD: What's the story behind the album? It seems much more personal?
Robyn: It's really personal too, I started something with the last album and it's continuing to explore it, so this album's kind of like a continuation of the last one.

DD: Are you looking for a particular reaction to the record?
Robyn: I want to make people... feel like they wanna dance. That would be amazing.

DD: How did your collaboration with Diplo come about?
Robyn: We were just in the same place, like at the Grammys, and he was a fan of my album and I like what he does. He came up to Stockholm- like he just came out for the weekend. We have a lot of things in common, like the ways of looking at music- even though we're from two different places, both interested in things that clash, mixing styles and new things.

DD: And you worked with Royksopp?
Robyn: Yeah we worked together for their last album, so it seemed natural to work for mine as well. I really love working with them, they're amazing people.

DD: What are you listening to now? Is there time to?
Robyn: Not really, when I'm in the studio it's of course about what I'm doing, then in between, it's really important to listen to records, and out clubbing you hear all this music, and I DJ...

DD: When you DJ do you play your own stuff as well or?
Robyn: Yeah sometimes, but it's basically something I did after touring, being used to going to good clubs, so I started a club with my friends called Tutti Frutti, and we tried to create a dancefloor for everybody, and recreate the scene like the 90s that we grew up in.

DD: What inspired your look for this album?
Robyn: I'm still wearing the things I was wearing as a teenager, my DMs, and I never find crazy things weird as I grew up in a theatre family. This time, style-wise I've done something that felt right. It's dangerous when singers become fashion victims - it takes away focus from the music, I just try to stay real.

DD: So do you have Part 2 ready to go?
Robyn: Yeah so after summer there’ll be Part 2. It's an experiment to be more organic and flowing, no particular conceptual idea. I’m sure the songs will be different but if anything that's the concept, to be direct with the listeners and also with myself.

DD: What are you most looking forward to this summer?
Robyn: Playing live. Really looking forward to going on tour again - and this new way of working.