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La Chatte (Paris, France)

Parisian stylist and designer Vava Dudu takes on music...

As a stylist and designer, Parisian Vava Dudu works with Bernard Wilhelm, Lady Gaga and Peaches, but in La Chatte, she’s an electro performance art force, a collaboration with Stéphane Argillet aka Stereovoid, an AV artist from the collective France Fiction,  and musician Nikolu. A fantasist, slightly militant, lo-fi electro-zouk group, Le Chatte have just released their debut record Bastet, named after the Egyptian goddess of music, magic, destruction and fertility.


...your age?
It changes every day and none of us has the same. The age of flowers in spring, perhaps? special about you, then?
Furred as a cat and dancing eye syndrome.

…the last film you saw?
The composing faces of our friends when they first saw our Cosmique Cosmetic video.

...the best piece of advice you've heard?
“Learn to live with your anxiety.”

...better, dusk or dawn?
A pale pink dawn after a light white night.

…your favourite spot to hide away in France?
There’s no better place to hide than Paris…

...your favourite piece of clothing?
Tiny electric blue, woolen socks in tight high heel plastic boots.

...the world coming to?
A giant mess with small explosions there and there.

...the name of your hero?
Robert Smith. special about your hero?
He's getting older and older.

...your worst fashion secret?
Stay the same, you will always look different… hum.

...this future going to bring?
Less concrete, more abstraction, stifling morality, surviving obsession, gambling fever, ancient Egypt, religion, renaissance.

...your favourite website?

How would you describe your work?
Joyful and insane, a mix somewhere inbetween frigid sensualism, fluffy futuro-realism and electrocuted zouk.

Vava Dudu's show Ambiance opens Friday 25th June - 6pm to 9pm. 12 rue du Mail, 75002 Paris.