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We Are The World

LA-based psychedelic group open up to Dazed...

Following our Dazed & Confused introduction on LA’s newest psychedelic troubadours, We Are the World share their thoughts with us on improving the world we live in, art and their affinity to perversion. WATW definitely are one of those bands that we equally love watching and listening to, and we're sure you'll agree with us.

Dazed Digital: How did you meet, get together and start We Are the World?
WATW: Megan and I met Nina and Ryan at clubs when they were performing with their dance troupe Fingered. We started writing music for their performances and then we eventually started We Are The World.

DD: What is your mission?
WATW: To some how create a burning rainbow from thought.

DD: Who in the band brings the best of each other and what is it?
WATW: I think that would have to be more an aspect of someone. When Nina starts to lock from the pop we all start to ooze a galactic substance that is similar to helium.

DD: If you are ‘the world’ then ‘what’ is everybody else?
WATW: It is very much non-exclusive.

DD: Define Art
WATW: Different forms of coloured light.

DD: What people would you love to collaborate with?
WATW: Clark and Alexandre Desplat.

DD: Considering the current events in the world, have you got any ideas to make it a better place?
WATW: End the Federal Reserve and a mass bum rush the offices of Goldman Sachs.

DD: What comes first in the creative process – music or art?
WATW: I think it's always changing.

DD: If you had to pin down on a scale or spectrum what you offer in a performance (0% being music and 100% being art expression), where would you position yourselves and why?
WATW: 100 per cent properly channeled perversion. Because if we didn't have the availability to do this we might all end up in jail.

DD: What are your up and coming projects?
WATW: Working on a new record and refining our live show.

DD: Would you rather have a negative reaction or none at all?
WATW: None at all.

DD: Are you a ‘proactive’ or a ‘reactive’ collective?
WATW: If I had to say "proactive”.

DD: What city or place is perfect for a performance like yours?
WATW: Somewhere sweaty like Rio or Jamaica.

DD: Is there anything ‘impossible’ for you?  
WATW: Opening every door for a week, whether it's a car, office, store or my house with my left hand. If you're left handed use your right.