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Sonar 2010: Roska

South London producer and DJ Roska brings his UK Funky sound to the sunny shores of Spain and this year's edition of Sonar

Roska is taking UK Funky to the next level. At Sonar this year, the South London DJ/Producer will be playing as part of Mary Anne Hobbs Presents alongside Flying Lotus and Joy Orbison making him the first UK Funky artist ever to bring the sound to the acclaimed electronic music festival. With a weekly slot on the seminal Rinse FM radio station, debut album released on Rinse Recordings and ongoing output on his very own imprint, Roska Kicks and Snares, the man christened Wayne Goodlitt is fast spreading a more syncopated, experimental and grimey version of UK Funky - and thankfully one without any annoying "skanks" or playground choreographed dance crazes. The forthcoming jaunt to sunny Spain follows on a raft of international bookings and Roska is becoming an ambassador for the distinctly British UK Funky sound. Here, he answers some questions about Sonar and provides a mini-mix featuring some of the beats festival go-ers can expect to hear in Barcelona next month.

Dazed Digital: This years Sonar Image is a feature length film called 'Finisterrae' based around two ghosts. What's the scariest piece of music you've ever heard?
Roska: DMX - 'We Don't Give a Fuck'

DD: What's your favourite thing about Spain and Sonar?
Roska: Never been so its going to be an experience.  As far as I know Sonar is classed as the BIG ONE so I'll just have to wait and see.

DD: UK acts both established and new dominate this year line up. What's your favourite thing about the UK?
Roska: A lot of music is adopted and made our own in the UK and a lot of new artists are emerging from here.

DD: Which other acts are you looking forward to seeing at Sonar this year?
Roska: Sugarhill Gang; they're on after me. Legends!

DD: Which track are you looking forward to playing this year?
Roska: Any track that fucks up the dance.

DD: Do you have anything special planned for your performance at Sonar this year?
Roska: I'm gonna run out with 10 semi naked ladies dressed like LL Cool J in his early days!


1. Untold, Come Follow Me - Hemlock
2. Roska, You Dun Kno - Roska Kicks & Snares
3. Girl Unit, I.R.L. (Scratcha DVA Hi Emotions Mix) - Night Slugs
4. Fingaprint, Night Time - Invasion Records
5. Martyn, Mega Drive Generation - Hyper Dub

Sonar is between 17th and 19th of June 2010. For information about Sonar 2010 and to buy tickets, visit: