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Speaking To SECT

Wolf + Lamb's Soul Clap join forces with Mothership's Tanner Ross and Sergio Santos to form one hot super-group...

Envision the deep house of Detroit's Moodymann combined with smooth R'n'B and jazz samples, soulful vocals and lashings of funk, and then fuse it with San Francisco's bumpy tech-house. What do you get? The sound of the supergroup formed by Tanner Ross of Claude VonStroke's Mothership label, collaborative partner Sergio Santos, and enigmatic duo from Boston, Soul Clap. Tanner Ross as one half of electronic duo Voodeux makes eerie, things that go bump in the night tech-house alongside his solo productions whilst Sergio Santos has long been an established Boston-based DJ.

Soul Clap however have been making waves as of late in Europe with parties in East London's warehouses courtesy of Mulletover. T Bar, Fabric and Dalston Superstore to Berlin superclubs. Receiving well-deserved attention for their Wolf + Lamb releases and distinctively groovey mixes, they've applied the same catchy formulas to their 'Man of Wisdom' EP as SECT. Released on Droog's label Culprit, the title track builds up to a magnificent Mulatu Astatke sample and their new single Thieve $krilla is available online as a free download.

Dazed Digital: Tanner and Sergio have worked together before and obviously Soul Clap are a duo but how did all four of you get together?
SECT: For the last four years we've all DJed together around Boston and at Airdrop parties in New York, plus we all live together in in the middle of Boston's indie-rock district in a fortress built of molten lava to protect us from the screaming hipsters. But it wasn't until a late night studio session deep in the catacombs of Eli’s parents' basement that we formed like New Edition and SECT was born.

DD: The music you make individually is rather different, what did you think works about your production processes and influences?
SECT: S - Sergio, lifelong DJ tastemaker and Boston afterhours king.
E - Eli, one half of Soul Clap, drum programer extrordinare.
C - Charlie, one half of Soul Clap, bassline master and melodic visionary.
T - Tanner, studio wizard, puts the "UMP" in PUMP

DD: Will there be future projects together?
SECT: Heck yeah! We have a forthcoming release on Toronto don dada Jonny White's No.19 imprint and we're working on a really experimental new EP that features Tanner on saxophone and maybe an unexpected guest vocalist which will all hopefully lead to an illustrious future for everyone involved.

DD: Will you be performing live at all?
SECT: We could tell you, but then we'd have to kill you.

DD: What's next from you guys in your own projects?
SECT: Well for Soul Clap we've got our R&B Edit EP about to drop on Wolf + Lamb Black, some really exciting remix projects and then an EP coming on Crosstown Rebels in July. We're also going to be touring Europe for the summer in our custom built hovercraft, before we head back to our Boston basement to start work on our debut album.
Tanner's currently got a busy summer of touring lined up and he's begun work on the second Voodeux album, which promises to be extra weird and unexpected.
And Sergio is holding down the controls while we're out fighting evil worldwide.