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Ninja gets all up in our grill
Ninja gets all up in our grillPhotography by Ross Garrett

Dazed meets Die Antwoord

For the June issue of Dazed, music editor Tim Noakes goes on a trip to the zef side of Cape Town to meet interweb phenomenon Die Antwoord

In the June issue of Dazed & Confused, as part of our section on new South African youth culture, music editor Tim Noakes spent the day hanging in Cape Town with zef rap rave interweb phenomenon, Die Antwoord. With unprecedented access, rappers NINJA and Yo-Landi talked frankly about their overnight success, their divisive image, gangsta skills, and exactly where those Pink Floyd boxer shorts came from. The interview moved from slurping milkshakes in a downtown Wimpy, to a dodgy crack shack for the photo shoot, and ended up in Mitchell's Plain, one of South Africa's most violent townships, where Die Antwoord kicked it with Afrikaans rap pioneer, Isaac Mutant. We're going to upload a film of our encounter next week, but until then check out these awesome images Ross Garrett took for the Dazed & Confused magazine feature, most of which are being seen here for the first time.

Pick up the new June issue, out Thursday 13 May, to read the full feature... and stay tuned for our video interview.